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“The day will come where people will demand farmed fish on their plates that’s farmed well and farmed healthy – and refuse anything less.”

— Jacques Cousteau


We believe the biggest obstacle to our vision is a lack of public understanding, acceptance, and confidence in farmed seafood. It is an area that is not being adequately addressed today and where we focus our efforts.

In doing so, we represent the interests of the entire value chain from fish and feed producers and those who certify them, NGOs and industry associations, to processors and distributors, and right down to food service operators, restaurants, retailers, and their customers. Public support of aquaculture benefits all of us. Working together we will create a voice for the segment that is unified, amplified, and relevant to today’s consumer.


1. Change the conversation around farmed seafood

  • Research, understand and track consumer perceptions
  • Act upon consumer insights swiftly and decisively with strategic communication

2. Stop the spread of misinformation

  • Identify relevant online chatter with Rapid Response program
  • Respond to misinformation 24/7 before it spreads

3. Unify the voices of aquaculture

  • Help members improve search results and traffic to their websites thereby amplifying the voice of the entire aquaculture segment.
  • Coordinate and amplify members messaging on social media sites.

4. Improve members’ bottom line

  • Remove volatility, risk and barriers to sales growth caused by poor public perception of aquaculture
  • Allow members to focus on building their own business without having to defend the category


To accomplish our goals we will run the following programs on an ongoing basis:

Consumer Research and Tracking

  • Provide members with current, cutting edge, actionable consumer insights

Annual Seafood Appetite Index

  • This annual index would rate consumers acceptance of seafood along several criteria and reveal trends over time.

Rapid Response Program 

  • Monitor the web 24/7, identify misinformation and address it proactively as well as support and amplify positive messages

Communication Campaigns 

  • Run 3-4 highly targeted consumer campaigns annually to support various coalition communication priorities.

Consumer Website 

  • Serve as a digital hub to educate consumers, influence public perception, and influence search results.

Member Website 

  • Serve as a resource for member information, education, networking, and sharing.

Social Media Programs 

  • Spread the word among consumers and influencers.

Member Message Coordination  

  • Creating an effective echo chamber validating and amplifying messages from the Coalition and its members

Content Programs 

  • Shift the online conversation with a steady flow of custom-created content about aquaculture and various species (e.g., explainer videos, economic/social impact white papers, member profiles)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Programs 

  • Increase awareness of member brands and visibility of their web sites and ensure accurate, balanced results for aquaculture and species keywords.

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