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Lead The Aquaculture Coalition

The time to act is now. Aquaculture is at a pivotal point in its development. Public support will be essential to ensure the industry develops to its full potential. How the work put into the Aquaculture Coalition can help:

  • The Aquaculture Coalition is a known entity among the 100+ CEOs and senior seafood professions it has engaged with over the last years.
  • The Coalition can offer a turnkey solution to any individual, organization or brand that could benefit from of a non-profit to further the cause of sustainable seafood. Web sites, logos, social presence are all in place. 
  • The Coalition has worked with a team of external experts for several months to research and develop a comprehensive, long-term program to increase acceptance of responsibly-farmed seafood and seafood consumption overall. 
  • Research consultants have drafted plans to create a consumer index has been developed along with a coordinated series of specific programs. 
  • With funding to complete its Consumer Index, Coalition leadership will be able to speak with authority on behalf of consumers based on statistically significant data as opposed to personal opinion or anecdotal information. 
  • Armed with consumer insights, the Coalition leadership will be in a unique position to rally the seafood industry with education and amplification. Education to help them craft more relevant messaging towards consumers. Amplification to ensure that the coalition’s voice is unavoidable to anyone seeking seafood information online. 

If you, your company, NGO, educational institution or trade association is interested in taking over the Coalition’s work, please complete the contact form on this page and we will contact you.

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