About the Coalition

Each year, consumers seek more varied, healthy and traceable food choices for themselves and their families. Aquaculture is clearly in a unique position to contribute. However, the facts are often overshadowed by misinformation and misperceptions about farmed fish that detracts from all seafood consumption.

Recognizing that there is no shared voice for the entire aquaculture industry, the Aquaculture Coalition was formally launched to bring together companies and associations across industries to collaborate on improving consumer awareness, understanding, and trust of aquaculture products.

To be clear, our aim is not to candy-coat the industry or its challenges. Rather, we wish to provide fair and balanced information so consumers can make informed purchase decisions.

The Aquaculture Coalition project was put on hold in 2019 and the corporation dissolved in April of that year. But this is not to say the vision is gone. In closing the Coalition, the board decided to retain the name and online assets in the hope that some other individual, organization, NGO or institution could pick up where it left off. If that is you, contact us.

The Aquaculture Coalition project is on hold, but the vision remains. If you would like to continue the Coalition’s work we would like to hear from you. Contact us and together let’s see if we can’t create some unity in our industry and change the conversation around seafood.

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