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We are a unifying force that brings together companies and organizations from across industries and the globe to develop consumer confidence in farmed seafood.

Is it time to address seafood’s public perception issues? 

Aquaculture is in its infancy. Yet, already it produces over 50% of all seafood consumed globally and continues to be the fastest growing sector of the food industry. This is amazing when you consider this has happened despite the negative perceptions that most consumers have in relation to aquaculture. In fact, most consumers would be surprised to learn that half their seafood is farmed.

During my 30 years in seafood, I have watched aquaculture develop from a niche segment to a central fixture in our industry. Over the past four years, I’ve been discussing this transformation with experts from across the industry. Over that time it’s become clear to me that aquaculture persists in spite of consumer attitudes, not because of them. If we want to have a thriving and prosperous aquaculture industry, something needs to change. The time for talk is over.

Imagine the impact on your business if consumers and the public in general really got behind aquaculture, understood its benefits, supported its development, and demanded its products. No doubt this would accelerate the growth of aquaculture-related companies and stimulate the development of the segment as a whole. This is exactly why we established the Aquaculture Coalition in 2016 and set out to engage with a wide range of companies and NGO’s involved in the entire value chain.

Pick up the torch  important business decision you’ll make this year.

Today, the Aquaculture Coalition project is on hold. After two years advocating the cause and three years of heading up this organization, it was time for me to move on.  During my tenure as President, I was able to connect with so many bright, capable professionals in our industry, that I hope one will pick up the torch and continue the work that the Coalition started. Changing consumer perceptions and enlisting public support is one of the biggest challenges facing aquaculture today. Unless there is a meaningful change, the entire industry will continue to be vulnerable to misinformation, smear campaigns, and the activities of bad players. This introduces a level of business risk that can be avoided. 

Considerable time and expertise were invested in developing the Coalition’s consumer research and communication programs to help define and remove barriers to seafood consumption in general (including aquaculture products). The idea was to provide direction that would unify the industry and help it take the first baby steps towards a cohesive communication stance. There is an amazingly positive and interesting story waiting to be told. 

It’s not too late. If you’re interested in picking up where we left off, let us know. We’d be happy to share details of the programs and budgets we have worked out.

Nancy_PetersonNancy Peterson
Former President
Aquaculture Coalition

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